February 2020 | GovCon CGO Roundtable

When something works, why not do it again.  We held our second roundtable.  It was hosted by NuAxis Innovations and boy was it a lively discussion.  The topic of the day was Understanding the Millennials (those born between 1980 – 1995 : 25 – 40 years old).  It was a great discussion, and everyone learned from the millennials in the room.  Here’s what we learned:


BLUF (bottom line up front): get with the program!  Times are changing and so is society.  Traditionalists (born before 1947), Baby boomers (1947 – 1964) and generation Xers (1964 – 1980) should not keep thinking, this is how we do it and it works this way.  It does work with your generation, but your generation is moving up or out, and this generation is the new boss, employee, peer and customer.  Learn how to interact with them and you grow right along with them.  


Lots of more information.  Reach out and we will share all the findings.

We decided to expand this offering.  We have applied for a trademark and are going to grow this popular networking opportunity.  Stay tuned for more news!

November 2019 | Busy Month for Bid2Win

We had lots of excitement here this month.  Helene participated in the Homeland Security Reverse Industry Day as a BD person in a skit about Show Me Don't Tell Me acquisitions.  It was a wonderful opportunity to provide feedback to the agency acquisition staff on how a company makes bid decisions.  

We also published our Service Catalog!  We are so excited to identify what services we provide to the federal industry market.

Other activities will appear once complete but as a hint, we will be teaching two courses in the upcoming BD Cap Com conference and we will be helping out with the AFFIRM golf tournament.  Pictures to come!

October 2019 | Growth Executives Forum Kickoff

Bid2Win established a forum for Executive Growth Officers supporting the federal market.  We held our first event introducing the leaders and held lively discussions about how the group leverages tools, technology, social media and relationships to bid and win new business. Vendors were on hand to hear how they can improve their products and services to help the companies grow.  This will be an ongoing forum and meetings will be held every 4 months.  All Growth Leaders are welcome.

July 2019 | Black Hat Facilitation

Bid2Win Consulting is excited to announce our new focus on Black Hat facilitation.  Do you have a must win opportunity, whether it be a new or recompete opportunity?  Or, are all of your captures equally important? It doesn’t matter really because you will always have competition.  


Our President, Helene Johnson, has a passion for facilitating Black Hats.  So much so, she’s been fine tuning our process to make it more fun and comprehensive, resulting in outstanding discriminators and win themes.  Helene believes that ‘If the capture team is not scared, they are not prepared!’ Plus our analysts are fantastic at doing intensive research into your competition, zeroing in on the opportunity you are chasing.  Top it all off with our huge network of SMEs to help understand your competitors.  If you want a fantastic and comprehensive Black Hat with outstanding results, contact us now. 

June 2019 | CaptureGuide™

Bid2Win Consulting is excited to announce our newest offering: CaptureGuide™.  Do you have new Capture Manager or one that may need advice or help from a long time Capture Exec?  Bring in our capture experts to work side by side with your capture team.  We can augment the capture with research, facilitate strategy sessions or make recommendations to the Capture Manager.  We can also join the Capture team as a business growth/strategy SME.  Or we can do a combination of any of these services.  We call this Guiding the Capture. We do this for several clients - large and small - and can do this for you. We can be there at the beginning of a capture, throughout the capture, and if desired through proposal to delivery.  If you need capture help in any way, we are delighted to support.

April 2019 | Bid2Win on

Is your capture manager as skillful as an orchestra conductor?
Helene Johnson, President & CEO of Bid2Win is published on

March 2019 | CaptureReady™

Bid2Win Consulting is excited to announce our newest offering: CaptureReady™.  Do you have an opportunity that you want to chase?  Bring in our capture experts to build the capture plan for you and then turn it over to your internal resources to execute the plan.  We did this for several clients – large and small – and can do this for you. 

Bid2Win Consulting offers capture at all levels – be that advisor, trainer, mentor, and building your capture plan including customer and competitive analysis, strategy, call plan, and so much more.  Use our plan or your own template – we will build it for you and be there through execution or as long as you need us. 

Meet our Advisory Board

In an effort to provide the best strategic advise to our clients, we are excited to announce our Advisory Board.  We are honored to have leaders in the community offer their expertise and guidance as we continue to provide services to our clients.  Please visit our advisory board page as we posted their bios for all to see.  

February 21, 2018 | Panelist ACT/IAC

Helene Johnson participated as panelist for the Lifting the Curtain: Requirements Development in Federal Acquisition & Reverse Industry Day forum sponsored by the American Council for Technology and the Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC). The event was held on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at the Renaissance Washington in Washington, DC.    

January 2018 | Interview on Federal News Radio

Helene Johnson, a new GMarkU Professor, spoke with Federal News Radio on how federal marketers can help your team win new business by being a part of the Capture Team "Orchestra".

October 2017 | Interview on Federal News Radio

Helene Johnson  was interviewed on Federal News Radio discussing a variety of issues around capturing and winning contracts. To hear the interview on Federal News Radio, click here.

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